Cat survives 200 foot fall from Storrow Drive building

A cat survived a fall from 19th floor of a Storrow Drive high rise on Wednesday.

A cat was almost killed by its curiosity, when it went to the ledge of a window 19 stories above Storrow Drive, and took a plunge all the way down to the street.


The feline, Sugar, survived the fall thanks to its grace as it dropped to the bottom level of the high rise building.


According to a CBS report, workers with the Animal Rescue League examined the cat, they found it had minor bruising on the lungs, but no broken bones, no cuts, and no serious injuries.


Workers from the Animal Rescue League said cats have a good chance of surviving huge falls from high up because they relax their bodies and take shape like a flying squirrel, spreading their legs.


We are guessing if this cat died, the girl from the "I love every kind of cat" video would have had a heart attack.

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