No word on if other languages besides Spanish were banned. Credit: Colourbox A classroom.
Credit: Colourbox


A pair of Catholic school teachers fired after revealing their relationship and out of wedlock pregnancy to school officials will be able to collect their pay and health insurance for the rest of the year.


Former Lawrence Catholic Academy teachers Sean Houlihan and Natalie Ferland reached an agreement with the school, according to the Eagle-Tribune.


The couple was fired onNov. 25, five days after revealing their relationship and pregnancy. They had been dating and unexpectedly became pregnant. They have since become engaged and are due in June.


Principal Jorge Hernandez wrote the couple’s termination letters and said they were fired for violating the terms of their contact.

However, an agreement was recently reached where their professional records will show resignation from the school rather than termination. The couple will also receive their pay and health insurance through August.

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