boston new balance running charles river dcr paths winter running snow A plow clears the Charles River path of snow for runners and walkers.
Credit: Nathan Fried-Lipski/Nate Photography


Running is hard enough as it is, but running on snow and ice? Forget about it.


New Balance and the Department of Conservation and Recreation is ending your excuse not to go running during the winter. The Brighton-based company said it is continuing its sponsorship of a program to clear miles of path along the Charles River so that runners, joggers and walkers can keep training and exercising despite the snow. The snow removal program will begin after Tuesday's storm ends.


"As a Boston-based company we understand the importance of training through the winter for early spring racing events. This program helps ensure that athletes can continue to train year round,"New Balance President and CEO Rob DeMartini said in a statement.


New Balance will provide the funding and the DCR will perform the snow removal along the 17-mile Charles River path stretching from the Museum of Science to theGalen Street Bridge in Watertown. It also includes paths along the Esplanade and Storrow Drive.


Because the route is in close proximity to the Charles River, there is limited salting and sanding that can be done on the path so people should still be careful. Also, following DCR's normal priorities, snow removal along the path will be done within 24 hours of the completion of each storm this winter season.

"Providing four-season access to the Charles River Basin for runners and walkers is a crucial priority for DCR, ... I’m confident the Commonwealth's residents and visitors access to healthy and safe outdoor recreation will be enjoyed again this winter," DCR Commissioner Jack Murray said in a statement.

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