Charlie Manuel told reporters today: "I did not resign. I did not quit."


It was Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. and other officials who made the decision to oust Manuel, who's been with the team for almost 10 years.


Amaro broke down in tears during today's press conference where he told reporters Manuel's contract would not have been renewed after this year anyway and the front office decided to let Manuel go with less than 45 games left in the season.


Amaro said he wanted Manuel to stay in some capacity with the team. Manuel said he thinks he can manage for a few more years in the big leagues but wants to "get some time off to sit down and think."


Ryne Sandberg will serve as the interim coach starting tonight.

This past Monday, Manuel won the 1,000th game of his career. He led the Phillies to a World Series championship in 2008. The Phillies won thedivisioneachyearfrom 2007 to 2011.