An already disgraced Mets ex-clubhouse manager was arrested this morning for stealing $2.3 million worth of signed and unsigned jerseys, bats and helmets from the Mets clubhouse, according to reports.

Charlie Samuels didn’t sell the valuable sports gear, but instead hoarded it in a friend’s basement in Connecticut, said prosecutors. He was holding onto it so he could one day sell it, said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, and finance his retirement.

"This is a case of the equipment manager leading the National League in steals," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the Daily News.

Samuels, 53, is an Arverne, Queens resident. In addition to the alleged theft, officials said Samuels padded expense reports and also failed to pay taxes on over $200,000 he received in tips from Mets players.

This isn’t the first time Samuels has gotten into trouble. He was fired from the Mets in November after he was accused of placing bets on games and also writing checks from Mets accounts to cover his debts.

Samuels is accused of stealing:


507 signed and unsigned jerseys, including an autographed jersey from the 1985 championship season
304 hats
828 bats
22 batting helmets
10 equipment bags