Brad David Amerman. Credit: Facebook Brad David Amerman. Credit: Facebook


Chestnut Hill College identified the 22-year-old student who was found dead this morning inside the lobby of a campus administrative building.


Bradley David Amerman, a senior business major, was found unresponsive around 9 a.m. in the lobby of St. Joseph's Hall, the college announced. He was pronounced dead on the scene, Philadelphia Police Spokeswoman Jillian Russell said.



A junior at the college, who asked to remain anonymous, called Amerman "a friendly guy [who]always said hi to people walking by in the hallway."


"Very caring and friendly," the student said.

The College said it will not comment on the details of the incident, "because it is under investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department, which is normal under these circumstances," according to a news release.

"Under any circumstances, the events of today have left our campus community shocked and filled with sadness for Bradley David Amerman and his family," according to the statement. "We ask that you join us in continuing to keep the Amerman family in your prayers at this time of great sorrow."


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