de blasio Orlando Findlayter Chiara de Blasio, daughter of Bill de Blasio, penned a piece about her drug addiction and depression.
Credit: Debbie Egan-Chin/NY Daily News via Getty Images

Chiara de Blasio, first daughter of New York, opened up about her addiction and depression on women's interest site xoJane.


De Blasio, daughter of Mayor Bill de Blasio, opened the piece on a positive note, saying that she feels she is making progress. She wrote of the spring: "The April showers are giving way to beautiful May flowers. For the first time in my short life, I feel steady."


She detailed her daily ups and downs, saying that it is a struggle for her to wake up in the morning. "My current daily routine begins with waking up anxious, my chest pinched tight as I try to shake the sleep off of my heavy eyelids," she wrote. "The first moments of my day remind me where I came from, as every twenty four hours, I am brought back to the eighteen years that preceded this one. It is remarkable how I’ve learned to change my natural state, as every morning I awaken a nervous and depressed wreck, before slowly putting myself back together again. Someone once described this phenomenon perfectly: 'Every morning, I wake up a dry drunk, and I have to become a sober person.'"


De Blasio has been candid about her depression and alcohol and substance abuse problems before and made a YouTube video for in December.


De Blasio wrote in her xoJane piece that she believes she was "born with the disease of addiction" and that she was "not born a happy person." She said that her family is not the reason for her struggle: "I was surrounded by love, but I always felt less-than, out-of-place, restless, irritable, and discontent."

The college student said she is recovering by meditating, exercising and focusing on her progress.

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