Khai Vu gets some last minute training in before this weekend's chicken and rice eating competition. PHOTO BY NICOLAUS CZARNECKI/METRO Khai Vu gets some last minute training in before this weekend's chicken and rice eating competition.
Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro


More than 20 men and 10 women will face off this Saturday at the Chinatown Gate, putting their stomach-stretching abilities to the test in the hopes of earning a year's worth of free meals from Chicken and Rice Guys.


The second annual Chicken and Rice Eating Contest marks two years since the popular food truck started slinging chicken, rice and lamb platters in Boston.


Each platter is 1.15 pounds, said Chicken and Rice Guys co-owner Ian So, who expects that the winner will be able to put away at least three platters.That's nearly 3.5 pounds of chicken and rice in 15 minutes.


Assuming they still have a taste for the dish, the chicken champion will get a free entree from the food truck every day until his or her record is broken, not to mention bragging rights and a free T-shirt.

The eat-off may not prove easy thanks to a few rules.

Contestants must use two cups of sauce during the eat-off. The good news is that it needn't be hot sauce; eaters can opt for the more stomach-soothing white sauce.

Appetite spoiler alert:Organizers anticipate people will throw up.This year, they have made it clear that if you purge, you lose; vomiting equals automatic disqualification.

"People throw up. It's painful," said So. "Last year we had one guy throw up and keep eating."

When asked why anyone would put themselves through the glorious torment of participating in a competitive eating event, So laughed, because he has no clue.

"I’m surprised so many people want to punish themselves. I don't think they get how hard it is," said So.

Only a handful of spaces remained as of deadline Thursday. Registration is $10 and is available at

The Fine Print

  • There is a 15-minute time limit.

  • Throwing up means automatic elimination.

  • All food must be swallowed, or it does not count.

  • Plates are the standard serving size.

  • Competitors must use spoon provided or your hands.

  • Water is allowed.

  • Two cups of sauce must be used per round.

  • There are separate divisions for men and women.

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