citi bike A Citi Bike rider in downtown Manhattan.
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Citi Bike is all grown up.


The ambitious system, operated by NYC Bike Share, turns 1 on Tuesday.


While questions remain about the bike share's future expansion and funding, Citi Bike still has much to celebrate. Since launching with 6,000 bikes on May 27, 2013, Citi Bike has stacked up an impressive number of riders and trips within the 332-station system.


From the number of reported crashes to the total miles traveled, here's how Citi Bike did after one year.

-- Trips taken: 8,759,138

-- Miles traveled: 14.7 million

-- Total minutes for all Citi Bike trips: 119,127,494.4

citi bike More than 119 million minutes have been logged on Citi Bike trips in the bike share system's first year.
Credit: Aaron Adler/Metro

-- Most trips in a single day: 45,654

The most trips were taken on Oct. 2 of last year.

-- Average daily trips during peak season: 33,038

Citi Bike's peak season is June through October.

-- Annual members: more than 104,000

-- Percent of male annual members: 67.86

The majority of annual members, 37.08 percent, are between 30 to 39 years old.
citi bike More men than women are annual members of Citi Bike.
Credit: Aaron Adler/Metro

-- Casual passes (24-hour and weeklong): more than 426,000

-- Crash reports: about 100

Only about 25 of those crashes warranted a trip to the emergency room.

-- Flats fixed in October (average to high month of ridership): 511

The top repair are flat tires.

-- Number of riders' pantsreplaced by Citi Bike: 1

The bike share has also given out over 1,000 Kind Bars, 50 bags of coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, 25 boxes of NuNu chocolates, 20 Raaka Chocolate Bars, 20 gift cards and bags of granola from Ellarys Greens, 12 tote bag and bags of beef jerky from Kings County Jerky Company.

-- One of the strangest places a Citi Bike has been found: a construction pit on First Avenue and Houston Street

Bikes have also been retrieved from the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens, though there are no Citi Bike stations in those boroughs yet.

-- Employees: 214

-- Most popular overall station based on trip starts: West 20th Street and 11th Avenue

citi bike stations Based on total trip starts, the most popular station overall is at West 20th Street and 11th Avenue.

-- Most popular station for casual users: Central Park South and Sixth Avenue

-- Most popular weekday stations: Perishing Square North and South

That station is currently relocated to East 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue and East 41st Street and Madison Avenue for an MTA construction project.

-- Least-used station: Seventh Ave and Farragut Street at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

An average of 7 trips per day are made at that station, which is still used for testing.

-- Cycling miles between two furthest stations: about 9.5

But the trip between 11th Avenue and West 59th Street in Manhattan and Nostrand Avenue and Macon Street in Brooklyn might not be doable in the 45-minute limit for annual members.
citi bike The two furthest Citi Bike stations are about 9.5 miles apart based on suggested cycling routes.
Credit: Screenshot/Citi Bike

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