It’s often said that Boston is a city of neighborhoods. Each week, Metro will toss a dart at a map of the Hub, then provide you a snapshot of what we’ve found.

Everywhere you turn in this Oak Square neighborhood, there seems to be a sign that reads “save our library.”

A sign in front of the Our Lady of Presentation School announces that the building will eventually be home to the New Balance Foundation Community Room.

Construction equipment and vehicles occupy the spaces in the Engine 51 firehouse where fire trucks once parked. The firehouse is undergoing renovations.

Residents said they appreciate that while there’s transformation taking place, the businesses in the square are staying put.

“You don’t see any empty storefronts,” said Dorothy Keller, a 24-year Oak Square resident.

Keller said what has kept her living in the neighborhood for more than two decades is being able to reside close to transportation, shops and other activities while living in an area where the residents create a community feeling.

“People think Brighton is so far away, but it is close,” she said.

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