New York isn’t just a city of neighborhoods — it’s a city of blocks. Each week, Metro tosses a dart at a map of Gotham and gives readers a snapshot of what we’ve found.

The Abraham Lincoln Housing Projects in northeast Harlem is sometimes known for violence or drugs, but come Thanksgiving, it’s also known for something else: generosity.

“On Thanksgiving, you can knock on anybody’s door and get a plate,” said Stacy, 58, who was raised there and returned a few years ago. “Last Thanksgiving, I heard a man out my window, asking me for some food. I brought him a big plate — turkey and everything — and a drink and even some dessert.”


The 14-building public housing complex spans the last gasp of Madison Avenue, from 132nd to 135th Street, right up to the FDR Drive and the Harlem River. Those who live there say it’s a neighborhood plagued by addiction and easy access to guns.

“We need to get some of these damn kids into jobs and off the streets, selling drugs,” said a 40-year resident, who didn’t want to give his name.

But despite that, Stacy says it’s a good place to live. “It’s a tight-knit community. People are friendly and help one another,” she said.

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