Pleading with his colleagues on the Boston City Council yesterday, sweat dripped from Chuck Turner’s bald head moments before they voted him off the council. A month after Turner was convicted of taking a $1,000 bribe, he received a vote of support from only one colleague, Charles Yancey.

“Before you vote, go inside yourself and ask yourself the question ‘Am I more morally qualified to serve on this city council than Chuck Turner?’” Turner said. “If you don’t think you are more morally qualified than I to serve on this city council, you can’t vote to remove me morally.”

The hearing began with Yancey challenging the council’s authority to remove a member. But Yancey lost a procedural joust with Council President Mike Ross.

“I don’t think it’s proper,” Yancey said. “I don’t think it’s legal and I think it violates our rules.”

The vote marked the first time the council expelled a member in its 100-year history.

Turner — who won re-election by 20 percent in 2009 despite his indictment — will be sentenced on Jan. 25. Council rules don’t prohibit him from running again. While in jail, James Michael Curley was elected to the council’s preceding institution in 1904.

“James Michael Curley is watching us at this very moment and he is ashamed,” Turner shouted after marching out of City Hall with a throng of angry supporters.

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