Consider yourself lucky if you were able to hunker down at home yesterday as the winter storm coated the city in a 12-inch thick blanket of white.

For those who had to work yesterday, the job wasn’t easy. A firefighter in Melrose, for one example, was injured when a tree limb fell onto a fire truck. He suffered a twisted ankle and the fire truck had minor damage.

Just getting to work was a challenge. Despite hundreds of plows trying to keep up with the fast-falling flakes, roadways were still treacherous throughout much of the afternoon. A few dozen spinouts and crashes were reported, but not any serious injuries.

Amtrak service between Boston and New York was suspended, and the weather caused various delays for commuter rail and Green and Orange Line trains.

At Logan Airport, snow plows were doing more moving on the runways than airplanes. Despite the airport being able to remain open, airlines canceled hundreds of flights.

University of Rhode Island students Nele Tewis and her boyfriend were scheduled to fly to Hawaii yesterday morning for a week-long vacation. Instead, they spent their time at Logan looking for a hotel until their new flight on Friday.

“It’s terrible,” Tewis said. “I’m looking for a [hotel] with a swimming pool.”

But the storm did not cause doom and gloom for everyone.

“I will be doing some sledding later,” said Caroline Mullin, a BU medical student.

For those students who had a snow day, the learning didn’t stop.

“We can’t eat yellow snow,” said 4-year-old Avery Moss, on her way to play in a South End park.

“That’s our take away from the day,” quipped her mother, Mimi.

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