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The city has a problem: How does it reach the young people moving into these distressed neighborhoods and pull them out their homes and get them involved in their new communities?


"One of the toughest groups to tap into," said John Farrell, Deputy Managing Director for PhillyRising. ""When you can get into them they are very civically minded for a large majority, but they're not always easy to reach all the time."



When fliers and word of mouth doesn't cut it, go to the internet.

The new web-based app, myPhillyRising, shares upcoming events and other local resources to hopefully push people to become more involved.

Since it's web-based, it can't be found in a smartphone app store. It's essentially a website that can be bookmarked.

The app serves: Elmwood, Frankford, Haddington, Hartranft, Kensington, Kingsessing, Lawncrest, Market East, North Central, Penrose, Point Breeze, Southeast, St. Hugh’s, Strawberry Mansion, Swampoodle and Allegheny West. And more neighborhoods will be added in the future.

The areas that were chosen were originally a part of the the original PhillyRising collaborative, which were chosen for the density of violent crime.

"The app became the step to take the next level," Farrell said."The idea is this app is going to evolve with whatever the folks in the neighborhood want to do with it."

Information will be uploaded to the app by PhillyRising staff, but individuals can also share information through the app.

"We're hoping that this starts as an information repository, and really grows into an online version of these communities," Farrell said.

How to connect

To access the web-based app, visit

- Web-based app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices as well as desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

- Since the app is not available in mobile app stores, bookmark the address in the device’s internet browser.

- Users can sign-in using Twitter, Facebook or a Philly311 Mobile App login.


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