City: No snow? Snow what! Boston workers plug potholes instead

With the oddly warm weather in the midst of winter, Mayor Thomas Menino has turned his attention to other projects---like potholes---since plowing doesn’t seem to be a problem.


“With minimal snow to plow this year, we’re thrilled to be able to take advantage of a mild winter and get a head start on making sure Boston sparkles as we look forward to the spring season,” he said in a press release.


Ahead of their usual schedule, the city’s Department Of Public Works unleashed “Potzilla,” Thursday, Menino’s favorite weapon against road gapes.


The pothole patrol and street workers have been able to focus on maintaining Boston’s streets: filling potholes, continued street sweeping operations, and making sidewalk repairs that typically are not possible when there is a large amount of snow on the ground.


Roads by the numbers:

Since December, Boston Public Works has

*Filled 2,500 potholes

*Performed 600 sidewalk repairs

*Replaced 1,000 bricks on sidewalks ·

*Used 3x more sweeper brooms than last year.