The man who called himself Clark Rockefeller said he is innocent of the recent murder charge brought against him, his lawyer said yesterday.

Lawyers for Christian K. Gerhartsreiter, 50, a German national, visited him in his Massachusetts jail to apprise him of the charges and process, they said.

“He was appropriately concerned,” said Jeffrey Denner, a Boston attorney. “He continues to maintain his innocence. He was sorry that after all this time … they chose now to actually bring the charges.”

Gerhartsreiter was charged by the Los Angeles district attorney with killing John Sohus, 27, in 1985. Authorities said he lived in a guesthouse behind Sohus’ San Marino home.

Gerhartsreiter is serving a four- to five-year sentence for kidnapping his daughter in the Back Bay.

Denner said he has yet to hear from Los Angeles authorities. He said his client will likely be arraigned on a fugitive from justice charge here soon and then be taken to California.

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