College campuses everywhere are growing to meet increases in new and returning students, and are offering more majors, more financial aid, and more ways to get involved beyond the classroom. Here are some trends to look for in 2010 at Boston schools:

Who’s on campus:
More students than ever. Colleges across the board are seeing higher numbers of applicants and are expanding courses, dorms, and classrooms to meet the growing demand. Private universities continue to become more selective, and students continue to become more competitive, with many high school seniors applying to 10-15 schools in hopes of landing just one spot.

What’s cooking in the classroom:
Science is cool again says Dr. Lisa Johnson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management at UMass Boston. More students are declaring math and science majors with an emphasis in biology, biotechnology and engineering.

The student body is going global:
Asia is back on the map with public and private schools alike adding or deepening their Asian Studies departments, as well as offering more opportunities to travel and study in the orient.

Fresh faces:
Salute your friendly GI. More veterans are back in the classroom says Wick Sloan, Publications Officer at Bunker Hill Community College. The school has seen the number of veterans double in one year thanks to the new GI Bill.

Finding funding:

Universities and colleges are making a point to support students as families cope with recession woes. Boston University saw a 6 percent increase in financial aid awards in 2009 said Colin Riley, the Media Relations Officer at BU.