Comcast Center. Credit: Wiki Commons Comcast Center. Credit: Wiki Commons


As Comcast filed the regulatory paperwork for their acquisition of Time Warner Cable today, the telecommunications giant headquartered here in Philadelphia also got named the winner of an unflattering award: Consumerist's "Golden Poo" award for the "worst company in America."


Comcast beat out agriculture company Monsanto, earning 51.5 percent of the vote from Consumerist readers.


Comcast provides much of the Philadelphia area with internet and cable television service. They also reportedly filed their official paperwork with the FCC today to solidify a planned $30 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable that would make Comcast the largest telecommunications company in the country.


In the Consumerist poll, Comcast was pitted against several of the nation's other most successful companies, including Verizon, Bank of America, CVS, Facebook, Sallie Mae, Microsoft and Ticketmaster.

Comcast won the same poll with Consumerist's readers in 2010.

"Four years since winning its first Worst Company tournament, Comcast’s doubted that the Kabletown Krusher could ever regain that 2010 form. But after a few years of letting others hold the title, Comcast was fiercely intent on bringing a second Golden Poo to its Philadelphia lair," Consumerist wrote in announcing Comcast's victory.