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Commuters can expect train delays on Purple Line after storm

Halloween isn’t going to be a treat for some commuters using the train to get to work Monday morning.

After the strange October storm that rolled through New England over the weekend left a trail of destruction in its wake, those traveling to and from the city along the “Purple Line” can expect to see some delays.

According to a spokesperson from the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail, commuter trains from Worcester/Framingham, Fitchburg and Haverhill, will be impacted by the storms aftermath.

The transit company encourages passengers to frequently check “T Alerts” online at mbta.com or mbcr.net, or to follow alerts on Twitter at @mbtaGM and @MBCR_info for the best available information.


Due to fallen trees and tree limbs on tracks, as well as heavy snow conditions, there is a 30 MPH speed restriction on all trains west of Southboro. MBTA commuter rail customers should expect delays.


Continued power outages are affecting service on this line, which experienced more than 30 fallen trees as a result of the storm. MBCR has deployed more than 20 generators, but continued power outages are expected to result in delays in the morning.


Power outages in Reading and Haverhill are affecting service on this line. Continued power outages are expected to result in delays in the morning.

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