boston coast guard cocaine seizure dependable elegance Massachusetts State Police found cocaine worth $1 million stashed in kidney bean cans during a routine traffic stop.
Credit: Rob Simpson


Massachusetts State Police got quite the surprise when they found $1 million worth of cocaine stashed in kidney bean cans in the car of two New York men stopped for speeding on Monday.


According to the Lynn Item, police first became suspicious while questioning the men after they pulled them over. Swinton Acosta was driving with a suspended license; whenasked whether the passenger, Elvis Rodriguez, could drive, he allegedly said he didn’t know the man's name.


The men were ordered held on $250,000 bail each at their arraignment Tuesday on drug charges.


Assistant District Attorney Mark Byron said Tuesday in Lynn District Court that Rodriguez and Acosta“traveled through multiple states and attempted to do that here, but were caught with 7,200 grams of cocaine with a $1 million street value.”

The Item is reporting that Rodriguez's lawyer says his client was not aware that there were any narcotics in the vehicle.

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