The atmosphere at the TD Garden tonight should reach unprecedented levels as the Boston Celtics have the chance to prove nearly everybody wrong and send Lebron James and the Miami Heat back to South Beach.

It's the kind of game that has police urging fans and those attending at the Garden to "be on their best behavior." "It's our primary focus to deliver a peaceful and safe event," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

In a statement, Davis and Mayor Tom Menino said fans behaving in a reckless manner or drinking in public will face arrest.

"I want to remind the fans to celebrate responsibly. If asked to leave an area, please do so peacefully. Public drinking will not be tolerated. If you're a student and you're arrested, you should know that any unlawful behavior will be reported to your college or university. At the end of the day, it's about cheering on the Celtics, not causing or creating trouble," Davis said.


Maybe someone should have given former Celtic Delonte West such a long warning before he was caught carrying a three guns and knife while riding a motorcycle near Washington, D.C.

And if there's anyone that needs a warning about tonight, it's anyone who is in the way of current Celtic star Kevin Garnett:

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