Boston police are warning members of the Asian community to be “vigilant” after a woman reported turning over $160,000 to a group of women who allegedly hypnotized her.

Police recently issued the alert, but the incident occurred April 16.

The victim was walking in Chinatown when she was tapped on the shoulder by one of three young Asian women. The young woman asked the elderly woman random questions about the victim's family during a five minute conversation in Cantonese, police said.

“The victim stated to officers she believes during the conversation she was hypnotized,” police said. “The victim further stated that she did not agree to be hypnotized by the suspect.”


The group then went to the elderly woman’s home where she handed over jewelry and the cash to the group.

Police described the suspects as a group of Asian women, between 30 and 40 years old, weighing 110 to 135 pounds and between 5-foot and 5-foot-5 inches tall.

Police said the scheme appears to target elderly victims and is similar to scams occurring in other areas like New York City.

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