boston weymouth parrot theft Weymouth police are seeking a woman who allegedly stole a parrot from a pet store by hiding the bird under her jacket.
Credit: Weymouth police

Police in Weymouth are investigating an crime that could be considered a bird-napping.

Authorities in the South Shore town are looking for a woman who stole a bird from a pet store earlier this month. Police recently posted surveillance images of the woman in the store in an attempt to find out her identity.

Police said that officers were called to the It's a Pet's World store at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 18. The woman removed the parrot from its cage, put it under her jacket and walked out of the store.


The store's staff posted on its Facebook page that if the baby parrot is brought back to the store, they would not file charges.

"We are really upset about this situation and really just want the bird back," the store wrote online.

Anyone with information can call 781-335-1212.

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