Not only is Boston plowing through the competition when it comes to tech startups, but in the clean-water business, the Hub is flooding out the competition.

On Tuesday, industry leaders and executives joined city officials to talk about how Boston, and the state, can help accelerate water industry growth to serve global markets during the Symposium on Water Innovation in Massachusetts forum.

Amongst the panelists and businesses present during Tuesday’s meet-up was Oasys Water Inc., which opened its doors in Boston’s Innovation District with the blessing of city officials earlier this year.

Oasys representative Lisa Marchewka was one of several panelists at the event trying to put Boston on the map in terms of trying to make fresh water available to people all over the world.


“We are doing something fundamentally different in the water industry to date. Most of the water industry is focused on providing clean fresh water using technologies tried and true and there hasn’t been a lot of innovation to reduce cost and energy,” said Marchewka.

Oasys, known for pumping out new technologies to produce clean water while saving energy, has developed an innovative technology to remove brine and other pollutants from water by utilizing forward osmosis.

“We are reducing overall cost to treat water,” said Marchewka. “Boston was such a great place as an incubator for this technology.”

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