Councilman Bill Green City Councilman Bill Green.
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City Councilman Bill Green is now on the clock.

Green said Thursday he plans to submit his letter of resignation before next week's council session. His resignation will become effective once he takes the oath to become the next chairman of the School Reform Commission.


During the session, fellow council members expressed hope that Green would improve communications among City Council, the SRC and the state, and help advocate for more funding for the cash-strapped schools.

"The problem is the district needs $120 million and there is only one avenue for it at the moment under state law, and that's the optional sales tax," he said. "Until there is an alternative, I don't know what I can advocate for."

Green said City Council President Darrell Clarke is working with the mayor's office and the general assembly to try and garner more resources for the city.

"Our job will be to effectively take the resources we are given, because we have no taxing authority, and choose, as we do in the city, choose between the competing ideas to. … make decisions and spend the money as best we can."

Green will replace Pedro Ramos, who stepped down for family reasons late last year. The state senate approved the appointments of Green, and Farah Jimenez, on Wednesday by a 44-2 vote.

Will he endorse a replacement?

"No," he said with a laugh. "I don't need to make anybody in Philadelphia politics angry at me.

"I'm going to need all of their help."


City Councilman David Oh proposed a bill Thursday that he hopes would help stifle the excess taxes that drain wallets and pocketbooks of Philadelphia residents.

Oh's bill would reduce the wage tax for employees and the net profits tax for city residents by $100 million over 10 years.

Smaller wage reductions expired in July 2013, and there are no new reductions planned.

And the reductions taxpayers saw were "insignificant," he said. He said this bill would give people more money and extend long-term.

He said no other taxes would be raised, because he feels residents would spend the extra money locally.


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