City Council Philadelphia File photo.
Credit: Rikard Larma / Metro


As Philadelphia's City Council meets Thursday for the first time this legislative term, Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. plans to introduce legislation limiting campaign contributions from city contractors and lobbyists.


Goode said in a release that under the proposed law, any business that makes a campaign contribution to a candidate for city office or to an incumbent will, during that candidate's term, be ineligible to apply for or enter into any non-competitively bid contract over $25,000 or to be a subcontractor.


The legislation further dictates no city lobbyists can make campaign contributions of any amount, including through one or more political committees.


"Ten years ago, I introduced Pennsylvania’s first law limiting campaign contributions in municipal elections," Goode said in a statement.


"Ten years later, we now need to take it to the next level. City lobbyists and contractors should be prohibited from ‘pushing the envelope’ to influence local public policy and procurement decisions."