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City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown introduced a bill Thursday which calls for yearly inspections of city childcare facilities.

The bill would require childcare centers to earn a compliance letter annually from L&I.


Currently childcare providers are only required to pass a fire safety inspection when it first opens, but no follow-ups are required, according to a statement.

The compliance letter would be issued once the building passes inspection for fire, safety, electrical, lead paint, water quality, and other property-related hazards. The center would also have to prove its compliance with the Health Department and the Electrical Inspection Agency, in order to receive its yearly letter from L&I.

“The bottom line is that every center should be inspected for everything, every year,” Brown said in a statement. “What we are hearing through our research is that following the initial fire inspection, the process is largely reactive, with inspections occurring only after a complaint has been logged.

"Where the health and safety of young children are involved, investigating a problem on the back end, after a scary incident has occurred is not acceptable," she added. "When parents select a childcare center that has been given a license by the City of Philadelphia, there is the assumption that the center is in compliance in all areas of operation; we need to ensure to the best of our ability that the license means something.”


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