The iPhone can do all sorts of neat things — it can help you find a parking spot, or a place to eat; it can keep you in close contact with all your digital friends; and, according to the Guardian, it can even help you fight a war.

Yes, that’s right: Thanks to military contractor Raytheon’s new One Force Tracker application, iPhone users will soon be able to track and hunt down all sorts of nasty insurgents.

The One Force application — merely the first in a series of war apps, Raytheon promises — works by monitoring satellite and network data, allowing troops to track down enemy fighters in real-time.

“We are committed to providing innovative technology solutions for warfighters and all of our customers,” Jay Smart, chief technology officer of Raytheon’s intelligence and information systems, told the Guardian. Raytheon announced its plans for touchscreen-based war tools at a conference in Arizona this week.

Raytheon — perhaps best known for their so-called Silent Guardian, a pain-inducing microwave weapon intended for crowd control — apparently used the iPhone platform because it was cheaper and easier to use.

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