It’s time to give our floundering economy a real boost by creating 50,000 green jobs in Massachusetts. A green job is first and foremost a job that won’t be lost due to downsizing, outsourcing, Wall Street meltdowns or increases in the price of oil.


It includes options in energy efficiency, construction, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, recycling, clean manufacturing and active transportation. But in a broader sense, green jobs also encompass a wide range of locally owned small businesses that are integral parts of the healthy local economies we need for the future.


Fortunately, we can get most of the seed money needed to launch this green job bonanza just by cutting out the wasteful corporate welfare giveaways that Beacon Hill has set up over the years. And many green jobs can be financed through low-interest loans. But in the end, green jobs pay for themselves. Energy efficiency repays its investment within six or seven years through energy savings. In addition, green jobs make us healthier by cleaning the air, improving nutrition and promoting an active lifestyle. This helps prevent chronic diseases, which are major drivers in the staggering health care bill.


The Patrick Administration is pushing gambling casinos that would create dead-end, low-wage jobs in three casino communities. Instead, let’s create good-wage green jobs in every community in Massachusetts. This is the road to a healthy, secure green future!

– Green-Rainbow gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein is a physician from Lexington.

Metro’s gubernatorial guest column series will continue tomorrow with Treasurer Tim Cahill, an independent candidate.