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Cuomo vetoes 202 line items from state budget

Governor Andrew Cuomo has deleted 202 line items from the state budget, heavily slashing reappropriations over seven years old.

Governor Andrew Cuomo. Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Image News. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Image News.

The Cuomo administration is going over the $135.1 billion state budget with a fine-toothed comb, scrutinizing the almost1,900 appropriations legislators tried to renew.

They have so far vetoed 202 items for a variety of reasons, from one "duplicate item" to 102 deemed "fully cashed out."

Vetoed items vary from funds requested for "services and expenses of the federal internet crimes against children program" to money for "security measures implemented to prevent, deter or respond to acts of domestic terrorism," both of which Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently disapproved of on the grounds that the item had already been fully expended.

Reappropriations over seven years old appear to have been dismissed out of hand, on the grounds that "in general, seven years is more than enough time to fund and implement services."

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