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DA: Dorchester man arrested after dog fighting investigation

A Dorchester man may face charges related to dog fighting after police found 10 dogs in the basement of his Dorchester home Monday, the DA's office said.

boston boston police sign crime The suspect was found to be harboring 10 dogs in his basement.
Credit: Metro file photo

A Dorchester man was expected to be in court Tuesday after his arrest following an investigation into dog fighting.

Javier Ruperto, 35, was scheduled to be arraigned in Dorchester Municipal Court. So far, he only faces a charge of assault and battery on a public employee, according to the Suffolk District Attorney's Office.

The arrest comes after Boston police were investigating illegal dog fighting.


Ruperto may face more charges after authorities discovered 10 dogs in the basement of his Dorchester home Monday night, the district attorney's office said.

None of the dogs were injured.

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