staten island fire hero dad fdny A firefighter works at the scene of a five-alarm fire that burned for several hours in Staten Island.
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images News

Two unrelated fires miles apart and in different boroughs on Wednesday and Thursday had at least one thing in common: fathers who were able to rescue their children.

A massive blaze in Staten Island injured 23 firefighters and 11 civilians people early Thursday morning, although officials said none of the injuries were life-threatening.


At least two of those injured were children were were saved after their father reportedly threw them from a second-floor window to neighbors down below.

Both the children, a boy and a girl, are said to be in stable condition. Their parents were rescued by fire fighters soon after.

The New York City Fire Department said the five-alarm fire broke out at around 1 a.m. and spread between three townhouses in the Rosebank section of the borough. More than 200 firefighters responded to the blaze.

On Wednesday, fire officials said another father carried his own daughter five flights of stairs down a Harlem apartment building's fire escape.

According to the New York Post, Manuel Diaz, 27, had already left the building with his wife and young baby before going back in for his daughter.

Investigators are still trying to find the cause for both fires, officials said.

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