Bill de Blasio got the last laugh at Saturday night's Inner Circle dinner as he mocked his own tardiness, lagging poll numbers, horse carriages and more.

The annual dinner, organized by the New York City Hall press corps, played host to the mayor, first lade Chirlane McCray and his cadre of celebrity friends — including actors Steve Buscemi, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Rock and more.

In one skit, the mayor interviewed Buscemi, who was in character as Boardwalk Empire's Nucky Thompson, as a potential member of his administration.


"The press has been asking a lot of questions about the way I've handled snow, and I want my new czar to deal with the media from now on," de Blasio asks Buscemi. "Can you take that pressure? For example, would you ever storm out of a press conference?"

Buscemi's Thompson replied: "Well, I wouldn't be stupid enough to call one in the first place. I mean, did you ever see Lucky Luciano schedule a press conference? Arnold Rothstein never called up the Post and said, 'Hey fellas, come on over and ask me stuff I don't want to answer?' No, you schmuck."

De Blasio agreed.

"Well, I can see we're on the same page here, Nucky," he said.

The dinner is organized by the Inner Circle group, which hosts the annual black-tie event to benefit more than 100 local non-profits around the city. The group was created in 1922 and is responsible for a series of memorable political images, including former mayors Ed Koch's and Rudy Giuliani's forays into drag.

De Blasio avoided drag this year, donning an afro similar to son Dante's instead.

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