Northeastern University will review protocols surrounding the use of hazardous materials after a former student and researcher was found dead in her home from apparent cyanide poisoning.


Emily Staupe, 30, was found dead next to a bag labeled “cyanide” in her Milford home early Sunday morning.


A Worcester district attorney spokesman said officials were awaiting Staupe’s autopsy results and tests on the chemical found in her home.


It was unclear how Staupe got the chemical to her home or where she got it, authorities said.


Police closed off the MBTA’s Westwood garage Sunday to search Staupe’s car, but no chemicals were found.

However, in a statement released yesterday, Northeastern President Joseph Aoun said he appointed the school’s vice provost for research to head a review of protocols.

In a letter to the Northeastern community, Aoun said Staupe “dedicated her life to knowledge discovery” and was a passionate figure skater.