P.S. 191 P.S. 191, pictured here, is one of the schools the DOE is reportedly trying to sell for high-rise residential development. (via GoogleMaps)

The Department of Education wants to sell two schools on the Upper West Side to developers, to be demolished and replaced with high-rise apartment buildings, DNAinfo reports.

The DOE apparently advertised the locations via a request in Crain's New York in November, but did not mention that the "prime development sites" being hocked were P.S. 191 and P.s. 199.

Officials reportedly said students will be relocated during construction, and developers will be obligated to include a new school at the base of the towers.


The DOE is also offering up the School of Cooperative Technical Education, attended by 11th and 12th graders at 321 E. 96th Street. Developers can purchase all three schools as a package deal, or just one.

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