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Did Nicki Minaj curse during her performance on July 4?

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Some artists who performed at Philly's Fourth of July Jam on Independence Day are getting flack for using expletives during the free concert on the Parkway but Black Thought, lead MC of the Roots, who hosted the event, is saying he didn't hear any (major) cuss words at the family-friendly event.

Philly Mag however says differently.

Victor Fiorillo — who was tweeting during the show — said that Nicki Minaj freely dropped "b____," s___" and mother______."


He says English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran sang the line "Don't f___" with my love" over and over again while host Marlon Wayans used the word "n___a" several times.

But Black Thought tweeted this on July 6:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.38.45 PM

Metro Philadelphia has yet to find any video proof that Nicki Minaj cursed during her show. A YouTube search of her Fourth of July performance features several cell phone recordings but audio isn't great. Her opening song "Super Bass" features several swear words but video of the VH1 feed showed her skipping right over those words. Even on her tune "Pills N Potions," which features the word "n____as," Minaj opts to use the word "they."

You be the judge. See below:

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