A woman was arrested after authorities said she stabbed two people this morning following a dispute that started on the J train.


According to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz, a confrontation between 25-year-old Dina Saint-Fleur and a 24-year-old woman started on the train and continued when they exited at the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue Station in Queens at 8:45 a.m.


On the escalator leading to the station's exit, Saint-Fleur allegedly wielded a knife, stabbing the other woman in her left elbow. A 34-year-old man on the escalator become involved and was also reportedly stabbed by Saint-Fleur in his elbow.


A 42-year-old man who was riding the escalator near the chaotic scene fell down, injuring his back and elbow.


All three victims had only minor injuries, according to Ortiz.

Saint-Fleur was arrested by MTA police and remains in custody.