Marriage equality groups are saying “I don’t” to news that New York City Hall will start offering “marriage-like” ceremonies to domestic partners.


For $35, couples seeking domestic partnerships can have the niceties of a marriage ceremony — a commitment ceremony in a chapel with flowers and music. But the pomp means little, say some; gay and lesbian couples still don’t have the right to marry in New York.


“Until it’s like any other straight couple, I’m still a second-class citizen,” said Kurt Kelly, owner of the Stonewall Inn, where the famous gay-rights riots occurred in the 1960s.


“It’s important no one get confused ... into thinking this is in any way marriage or good enough,” said Evan Wolfson, director of Freedom to Marry.


Mayor Michael Bloom-berg, a supporter of marriage equality, said today he’s in favor of the “marriage-like” ceremonies. But other elected officials are more skeptical.

“I don’t know why — if it’s not real — would anybody participate?” asked Upper West Side Councilwoman Gale Brewer of the ceremonies. “I do worry that it’s a little bit more about revenue enhancement as opposed to fighting for marriage.”