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Don't worry: Occupy Wall Street is not going to shut down the subway

Contrary to reports, occupiers insist they are not trying to shut down trains.

Will Occupy Wall Street be swarming the subways, trying to stop the trains and disable stations?

A spokeswoman says no – even though some media are reporting otherwise.

The spokeswoman, Senia Barragan, 25, an Occupy Wall Street spokeswoman and Columbia University graduate student, told Metro just now, in Zuccotti Park, that the word “occupy” is not always what it seems.

“The goal is not to shut down the subway,” she said.

Instead, they plan to be at 16 different subway stations, telling stories with the “People’s Mic,” where the crowd repeats each sentence so everyone can hear.

As New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter reported today, anchors on local Fox station WNYW told viewers yesterday morning that occupiers were intent on shutting down the subways.

The MTA was aware of the protesters’ plans, with a spokesman telling Metro yesterday, “We will be monitoring conditions and working closely with the NYPD to maintain a safe and secure environment for our riders.”

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