MBTA Transit Police arrested Tyreke Mastin of Dorchester for stalking at the MBTA Quincy Adams parking garage. (MBTA Transit Police photo) Tyreke Mastin of Dorchester was arrested for stalking at the MBTA Quincy Adams parking garage.
Credit: MBTA Transit Police

Transit Police have arrested a man they believe stalked two women at the Quincy Adams MBTA parking garage last week.

Detectives arrestedTyreke Mastin, 20, of Dorchester, on Tuesday at the Hynes Convention Center MBTA station. Mastin will be arraigned Wednesday in Quincy District Court on carjacking charges.

Police believe Mastin is responsible for two incidents in which women reported a man had followed them through the parking garage last week.


The first victim told police that she was walking on the second level of the garage on Thursday night when a man was “staring at her and following her.”When she sought out other people to walk with, the suspect allegedly “crouched down between parked vehicles and began to crawl from one vehicle to the next,” Metro previously reported.

When the woman arrived at her vehicle, the suspect suddenly appeared at the passenger side door and attempted to enter the vehicle while yelling at her. She was able to drive away without him entering the vehicle.

The second incident allegedly happened five minutes later on the fourth level of the garage. A woman told police the suspect was hiding behind a wall, and then attempted to follow her to her car. She was able to drive away before he reached her.

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