boston ludlow arl animal rescue league illegal petting zoo One of the animals that was found at the illegal, traveling petting zoo.
Credit: Animal Rescue League

Nearly three dozen cold and sick animals were recently rescued from an unlicensed traveling petting zoo in Ludlow, and their owner is facing criminal charges.

The Animal Rescue League and the MSPCA responded to the illegal zoo in Ludlow on Friday and found 35 cold and emaciated animals, most of which were underweight.

The ARL's Rescue Services team brought 12 animals to its Dedham Shelter for immediate treatment. Those animals included mini donkeys, donkeys, ponies, sheep and goats.


The MSPCA took some of the more emaciated animals, including alpacas and pigs, to one of its facilities. One alpaca was so weak it could not stand on its own, the MSPCA said.

On Monday, the MSPCA's law enforcement division charged the owner, Dean Manual, 43, of Ludlow, with 36 counts of animal cruelty as well as two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and one counts of resisting arrest, according to the MSPCA. He will be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

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