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Draft Magazine: Some of the best beer bars are in Boston

Boston is always popping up somewhere on a list for "best of this," or "greatest at that."

So it's no surprise that the Hub is home to some of the countries most premiere places to grab a beer.

Four of Boston’s local brew establishments were on tap for Draft Magazines 2012 list of best beer bars in America.

After doing a survey of "the lay of the beer-bar land," Draft Magazine put together an intricate list that includes several Commonwealth pubs.

In Boston, Bukowski Tavern was recognized for its “rough around the edges” atmosphere where patrons shouldn’t expect to be coddled.

"Tip back The Buk, the house pale ale, then work your way through the locally minded 20 taps and cask. If you drink 120 different beers in six months, you win a spot in the Mug Club," says the Draft staff.

A second Hub watering hole in Allston, Deep Ellum, which is tucked away in scenester central, made the ranks as well.

Draft calls it a place where you’ll find “throwback-meets-steampunk décor” that pays close attention to detail.

Just down the block from Deep Ellum there are 112 beers on-tap and ready to be sampled.

At Allston's Sunset Grill and Tap, there's a strict 13-day keg rotation policy, keeping those suds fresh for your taste buds. Draft says the selection is endless, "rife with rauchbiers, eisbocks, gluten-frees, steam beers and 30 meads."

Lastly, on the outskirts of the city, Draft recognized Brookline’s Publick House, talking it up as a high-brow brew stop with thirty-four beer taps where you’re as likely to sit next to a doctor as you are a college student.

Also on the list for best in the Northeast:

-The Armsby Abbey in Worcester, Mass.

-The Moan and Dove in Amherst, Mass.

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