Crime scene File photo. (Credit: Rikard Larma / Metro).


Delaware State Police on Saturday cited the operator of a livestock trailer for alleged inattentive driving after his vehicle overturned, spilling cattle onto a Wilmington highway.


Investigators said Patrick Scholten, 23, of Inwood, Iowa, was transporting 42 cows in a 2003 Peterbilt tractor trailer on the ramp from I-495 northbound to Terminal Avenue.


Scholten shortly before 2 p.m. hit a curve in the ramp, causing the truck to flip over onto its drivers' side, according to police.


Both the tractor and livestock trailer landed on the guardrail.


Scholten was uninjured, but three cattle escaped from the trailer and wandered onto the ramp and along the busy highway, causing intermittent lane closures.

Responding officials were eventually able to coral the escaped cows and remove them from the road as a representative fromthe U.S. Department of Agriculture monitored the cattle's removal and care.

Scholtenwas issued a traffic summons for inattentive driving, police said.