It’s a popular ride.


Just a year after opening, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that the East River ferry has ferried 1 million passengers since launching last June.


This doubles the city’s projection, which expected to serve about 400,000 annual riders.


In the coming weeks, the city will launch a survey to ask passengers what they would like to see on the ferry, and how to improve service.


Specifically, the city hopes to contact people that live close to the ferry stops, to find out why they are not riding and how to get them on board.


Bloomberg rode the ferry from Williamsburg to Manhattan this morning with other elected officials.

“Ferry service is only going to get better for the next million passengers, whether they are headed to work or going to visit our parks or cultural institutions,” Bloomberg said.

Future improvements could include more stops, said Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who chairs the Transportation Committee.

“Every milestone in the East River Ferry pilot brings hope that someday we will bring ferry service to all five boroughs,” Vacca said.

The ferry is part of a three-year pilot program to provide year-round ferry service between stops in Lower Manhattan and East 34th Street, along with Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Dumbo.

Jennifer Friedberg, at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, told Metro they are still finalizing the survey questions. “We look forward to the future,” she said.