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An eighth-gradestudent at the Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences is on track for expulsion after he mixed a potentially harmful cocktail in a soda bottle and exploded it in the school's courtyard Wednesday morning, school officials said.

"It's one of these soda-pop things," School District Spokesman FernandoGallard said."They put some sort of a Draino-type chemical and they added some water and some aluminum foil and they mix it up and the chemical reaction makes the soda bottle explode."



Gallard added: "It's something that has been making the rounds on the internet, showing kids how to do it, and I guess this kid decided that's what he was going to do."


The 14-year-old male was arrested Wednesday and charged with causing and risking catastrophe, reckless endangerment and related offenses, police spokeswoman Officer Tanya Little said.

Gallard said Thursday that the student was suspended and recommended for expulsion. He said no injuries were reported.

After a brief police investigation, leftover materials were found inside a boys' bathroom."We presume he just hid the stuff in the bathroom because he didn't want to get caught with it," Gallard said.

Gallard said the district was thankful no TNT or other heavy-duty explosive was involved, but added, "This stuff can hurt people. That chemical is corrosive, and if it gets into somebody's eye it can really do some harm."


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