Trying to get a city official to speak about potential NBA championship parade preparations is harder than draining a 3-pointer in the final minutes of a Finals game.

“Nobody wants to jinx it,” said Bob Schwartz, spokesman for Boston Duck Tours, which donated transportation for all of the city’s recent championship parades. “There’s really no need to talk about the parade until there’s a need to talk about the parade.”

A police spokeswoman said they wouldn’t publicly discuss preparations until it was “appropriate.”

“We’re not going to go there yet,” she said. “I believe the city is always prepared but we’re not going to go there.”


Schwartz said while they are never sure if Duck Boats will be used for a championship celebration, the vehicles are always at the ready.

“We haven’t heard anything about the parade yet,” he said. “The city doesn’t really talk about it until after a team wins. That’s not the case yet so I guess we’ll know more after Thursday. Usually they contact us after the last game.”

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