Liz Aibel Sherwood already considers herself a “weird dog person.”

She’s not worried what friends and family will say about sending her dog to one of Boston’s first luxury dog hotels, Urban Hounds, which opened earlier this month at 129 Malden St. in the South End.

“We were one of the only major cities in the country that didn’t have a luxury dog-care facility,” said hotel creator Rebecca Willson, who has run a pet-care company out of her home since 2003. “It’s crazy.”

The 8,500-square-foot facility features a grooming facility, outdoor and indoor play areas, a day care center, a puppy play area and a training facility. Extras include flat-screen TVs featuring Animal Planet, filtered water and before-bed snuggles.

Sherwood said she didn’t mind ponying up to leave her pets at the hotel.

“We spend money on our dogs instead of going out to nice dinners,” she said. “It’s the idea our dogs are well taken care of.”

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