With a growing number of nonresidents improperly gaining admission to Bos-ton’s three exam schools, school officials will propose a policy tonight that will only allow residents to apply to Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy and the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science.


Nonresidents can currently take the entrance exam for those schools but must establish residency before being admitted.


“We can’t afford to deny to have our BPS children who go through our system and take exams and score very high to be denied seats because of nonresidents who take those seats,” said School Committee Chair Rev. Greg Groover.


Some say the current policy attracts families that wouldn’t otherwise move to Boston.

“I don’t buy that argument,” Groover said. “The issue is not that we don’t have middle-class families in Boston. The issue is we don’t have middle-class families in Boston choosing Boston Public Schools.”

The School Committee could vote on the proposal by the end of the month.