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For the second year in a row, a Boston-based company that helps fledgling fashion designers get their collections onto the runway has ranked the Hub's hautest inhabitants.

"The selections are all different ages and work in all different industries," said UsTrendyfounder Sam Sisakhti, who gave Metro an exclusive look at his team's picks for Boston's 50 Most Fashionable of 2014.

Sisakhti, a Boston resident, said he was inspired in 2013 to release the annual list because of the constant criticism he gets for basing a fashion-focused company in Boston.


"The most common question I get is, 'Why are you in Boston?' The list is my way of pushing back. While Boston isn't known as being the most fashionable city, there are Boston people who care about how they look and being fashionable," he said.

The list is topped by television news personality Maria Menounos.

"She's from Medford, an Emerson grad, a Boston girl all the way. Her influence and how she carries the pride of being a Bostonian put her at No. 1," said Sisakhti, emphasizing that the list isn't just about who is the "best dressed."

"It's more about who has the most influence in their arena, and can represent Boston and make us proud," he said.

Once again, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who shares a home with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, grabbed second place.

Stylist Christina Pierce, Pats player Julian Edelman and television personality Jenny Johnson also made the top five spots.

Since releasing last year's list, Sisakhti said he's noticed some progress on Boston's fashion front.

"I have noticed a difference in the attitude over the past year. There are a lot more fashion startups coming, kids coming to me and saying they're interested in starting businesses," Sisakhti said.

"Five years ago, people thought I was crazy to stay in Boston. Back then, the city had US Trendy, Karma Loop and Rue La La, but now it seems like more and more (companies) are popping up."

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