Laporshia Massey. Credit: provided Laporshia Massey. Credit: provided


The family of Laporshia Massey, 12, has filed a lawsuit against the city and school district seeking unspecified damages for the death from asthma of the 6th grader, who was sent home from a school which did not have a nurse on duty due to budget cutbacks.


Laporshia died on Sept. 25, 2013, after having an asthma attack while at Bryant Elementary, a K-6 school that she was attending.


The lawsuit, which names Laporshia's teacher and the principal of Bryant Elementary in the lawsuit, reveals new details about the circumstances leading up to the child's death.


"The absence of a nurse from the school on that was the result of policy decision by defendants[sic], and was not a transient or unexpected condition," the lawsuit states.


The suit states that the school had a policy forbidding children from taking medication without a school nurse present.

That policy is allegedly why, when Laporshia told her teacher she was having difficulty breathing, the teacher, who is named as Jane Doe in the suit, told Laporshia there was no nurse and that she should "remain calm."

Laporshia was kept at the school for the rest of the day, and in the afternoon was driven home, at which point she was rushed to Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.

On the way there she suffered "respiratory arrest," the suit states, and could not be revived.